The Department of Radiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is hosting the inaugural AI in Radiology Educational Series. The event is entirely virtual and spans about 4 weeks. During these 4 weeks there will be 6 educational series given by industry experts about current trends in imaging AI. We hope you can join us!

AI in Radiology Educational Series:

August 27th from 1 to 2pm CST: 

Mark III Systems - Intro to AI/ML Overview by John Pace, PhD

September 1st from 1 to 2pm CST: 

Whiteboard Coordinator by Andrew Gostine, MD, MBA

September 8th from 1 to 2pm CST: 


September 10th from 1 to 2pm CST: 


September 15th from 1 to 2pm CST: 


September 17th from 1 to 2pm CST: