Mark III Systems, NVIDIA and Dell Technologies will be hosting an Educational AI Series for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The event is entirely virtual and spans 10 weeks. There will be 6 educational sessions given by industry experts about current trends in AI. We hope you can join us!

AI Education Series:

November 4th from 11am to 12pm CST: 

NVIDIA Imaging Overview

Speaker: Jesse Tetreault, NVIDIA 

November 18th from 11am to 12pm CST: 

Introduction to AI: A Few Things to Know As You Get Started

Speaker: John Pace Ph.D. Mark III Systems

In this talk, Mark III Systems' Senior Data Scientist will discuss a few things to know as you get started on your AI journey. How do you start? Where do you start? We will discuss classification, regression, and deep learning and how you can use them in your work.


December 2nd from 11am to 12pm CST: 


Speaker: Raghav Mani, NVIDIA Healthcare AI

RAPIDS is a suite of open-source software libraries and APIs for executing data science pipelines entirely on GPUs-and can reduce training times from days to minutes.


December 16th from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm CST: 

NVIDIA Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

Speaker: Nima Nejatian, NVIDIA

January 13th from 11am to 12pm CST: 

NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) Overview

Speaker: Jesse Tetreault

January 27th from 11am to 12pm CST: 

NVIDIA DGX A100 Architecture Overview by NVIDIA

Speaker: Will Vick, NVIDIA