GAME ON: Data Science demand is do we keep up?

Join Mark III Systems and NVIDIA for an introduction to and live interactive demo of JupyterHub, a platform that brings the power of data science and Jupyter Notebooks to large groups of users, while allowing organizations to manage the installation and maintenance tasks centrally and plug into IT infrastructure that’s optimized for them.

Users (data scientists, researchers, students, analytics teams) can work and collaborate in their own workspaces with tools they love on CPUs or GPUs, all while the shared resources can be managed efficiently by systems administrators and IT teams.

Whether your organization is a large data-driven, digital enterprise or a university or research institution, JupyterHub can play a key role in serving your Jupyter community, all while helping maintain a streamlined support and growth strategy. This interactive presentation will be followed by a game of trivia for the chance to win exciting prizes* and expand your knowlegde on Jupyter-as-a-Service!

*If you win a prize, you will be emailed for your shipping address. If you work for a government owned entity please declare if you can accept or must decline.