Join Mark III Systems and LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue for School!

Whet your appetite with the latest on Mark III and IBM as we offer a quick sampler of updates on Red Hat, IBM POWER10, and IBM Storage and stay for the New School BBQ Experience!

This is our very first BBQ Pitmaster Class on October 29th from 4-5:30pm. Evan LeRoy from LeRoy and Lewis will be our instructor. He will instruct and answer questions about how to select the perfect brisket, trimming, seasoning, wood selection, smokers, managing fire, wrapping, resting, slicing brisket and more! Plus everyone who attends will receive a bottle of their famous Beet BBQ sauce and rub!

You don't need a smoker or a brisket to participate! All you need to do is to register below, join us on October 29th, and we will give you the tools to be successful!

Meet Your Pitmaster: Evan LeRoy

Evan LeRoy is a chef and pitmaster from Austin, Texas. Formerly of NYC's Hill Country Barbecue Market and Austin's Freedmen's Bar, Evan has garnered international acclaim as a top tier barbecue chef. With over a decade of experience in the restaurant industry and a lifetime cooking barbecue, Evan loves sharing his passion for his home state and its signature cuisine!

Learn about LeRoy and Lewis

One of Texas Monthly’s Top 25 Best New Joints serving up some of the most creative barbecue in Austin, LeRoy and Lewis is a new school barbecue truck offering a rotating selection of alternative cuts and creative sides made with locally sourced product. Known for his innovative takes on Texas barbecue, Pitmaster and Chef, Evan LeRoy incorporates elements of fine dining and from-scratch cooking into the menu to shine a new light on the traditional cuisine. Guests can expect old school market-style service of meats sliced to order and served by the pound. Accompanying the meats are seasonally-inspired picnic-style sides that go beyond the basics. LeRoy and Lewis is located at 121 Pickle Road in Austin, Texas!