What does the future of VMware look like?

Join Bryan "BryanOps" McClellan, Senior DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer at Mark III, for a deep dive into the biggest announcement and release from VMware in years:  vSphere 7.  Many years in the making, vSphere 7 will allow enterprises and organizations to deploy, run, and manage both VMs and containers natively together with vCenter (with vSphere for Kubernetes), along with some major exciting enhancements to vMotion, DRS, assignable hardware, and much more.  As part of this deep dive, Bryan will live demo a vSphere 7 environment in the Mark III showcase demo center with blended native VMs and containers to give you a preview into what the future of VMware for many organizations might look like.

Meet Bryan

Bryan McClellan is a Senior DevOps & Infrastructure Engineer, master solutions architect, VMware Certified Professional, automation expert, Kubernetes enthusiast, and workshop leader at Mark III Systems.